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      Company profile
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      Brand Introduction  

      Peng Li Heng (Shenzhen) Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd., originated from UK’s famous Plyhomo Group.



      Plyhomo Group, founded in 1931 and located in the largest city of southwest England, the famous port city (Bristol). Plyhomo Group is a British century enterprise, with shipbuilding, electric and investment as its three pillar industries, including the branch company PL Ship Building Co., Ltd., PL Electric Company and PL Investment Group Co., Ltd.    

       Local investment projects of PL Investment Group Co., Ltd. involve high-tech, bio-technology and engineering development. In 1988, PL Investment Group Co., Ltd. took investment to build up the PL Engineering Technology Co., Ltd, which was mainly engaged in the development of heavy engineering equipment, meanwhile, providing technical support and solutions to other UK engineering equipment manufacturers and users.   


      In 2013, PL Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. extended its market into China, officially settled down in Shenzhen and set up the company Pengliheng (Shenzhen) Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.